TRACK BY TRACK: Alfie Templeman – Forever Isn’t Long Enough

Alfie Templeman is an artist who’s story is only really just beginning. At fifteen years old the British singer-songwriter released his debut single ‘Orange Juice’ which signalled the introduction of something fresh with a dreamy perspective that was way beyond his years. From there he released four EP’s and began to further hone and explore his sound. 

Now at eighteen years old he’s revealed his mini-album ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ which is a introspective body of work captured in the heart of isolation. Somewhere in between an EP and a full-length album he’s created a very concise collection that is heavily inspired by the likes of Tame Impala, Fleetwood Mac and Anderson .Paak. From the immediate grooviness of ‘Shady’ and distorted choral vibes of title track ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ he brings you into this DIY world that he’s dreamt up and co-produced. But ‘Wait, I Lied’ is the clear immediate stand out track with it’s infectious hook that will be stuck in your head like a Jonas Brothers song. It’s a big pop tune that you will undoubtedly have on repeat.

To celebrate the release of ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’, Alfie Templeman talked through the creative processes and stories behind each track from this mini-album. Check it out BELOW;


I made this song with Tom McFarland at the start of 2020. One thing I’ve told myself ever since I started making music is “stay true to yourself” and this song is a reflection of that. I think it’s important to recognise that you are your own person so you should make your own decisions. 

‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’

This is the first time I’d ever made a song outside of the UK. I flew out to California and made this track with Kid Harpoon. It all came out so naturally because the trip to the USA made me realise that my music career had already been such a wild and wonderful journey. At 17 I’d just left school and now I was living my dreams. This song was me recognising how lucky I was. 


Literally the day before the first lockdown happened, my bass player Cam came over to hang out. We listened to a bunch of Anderson .Paak and decided we should make something in his style so we ended up making this song in my bedroom. He’d literally hold a microphone over my head while I’d lay down drums and percussion! It was a really fun time and we ended up making this progressive pop/ jazzy funk song. 

‘Wait, I Lied’

This is the oldest track on the record. It dates back to the sessions I did for my previous release ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ but I never quite nailed it until now. I wrote it when I was in the hospital back in late 2019. The riff just popped into my head and would not leave! So as soon as I got out, I went back into my bedroom and laid down probably the poppiest song I’ve ever made. 

‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody’

I wrote ‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody’ when I was 14. It started out as a disco song and eventually evolved into a Tears For Fears 80’s vibe when I decided to re-record it in 2020. I always wanted to make a song with a shuffle beat and it clicked perfectly with this track. It’s a very universal song- a little sprinkle of hope. A lot of us feel down at the moment with all the pain, suffering and confusion in the world, but I want to reassure people there is help coming. 

‘Film Scene Daydream’

‘Film Scene Daydream’ was the final song I recorded for the album. I made it one afternoon in the summer after listening to a bunch of great 80s songs. For some reason, I often get nostalgic listening to songs and watching things that came out before I was even alive. This song is me imitating that feeling and making something that just makes you feel good. 

‘To You’

Oh man, I sure love synthesisers. Retro sounds are unbeatable, which is why I bought a moog last summer. ‘To You’ started off as a demo for me to mess around with my moog & other synths. Tame Impala’s new album ‘The Slow Rush’ was undoubtedly a massive influence here, as was Todd Rundgren’s ‘Initiation’ which features immaculate synth work. 

‘One More Day’

I listen to lofi beats more than any other genre. They help me sleep, work, exercise and I just enjoy them as they sound so magical. So I decided I’d make something lofi, and a little darker sounding to finish off the record. I always imagine this song playing while I’m sat on a massive hill that overlooks the city while it’s pitch black at night. April helped bring this song to life, her verse is immaculate and her harmonies on the choruses were the cherry on top.

‘Forever isn’t long enough’ is out now!