LIVE REVIEW: Haiku Hands – Woolly Mammoth

Forget S Club 7, because there ain’t no party like a Haiku Hands party. Cementing that sentiment once again through their ‘Super Villain Tour’, the electronic dance-pop collective returned to Brisbane for a night of high energy shenanigans. 

The 40 minute set was an explosion of dance beats that highlighted the raw strength behind their debut self-titled album. Opening with ‘Super Villain’ they didn’t mess around with pulling out choreography and a whole lot of jumping and screaming straight away. With the crowd immediately onside, they dived into ‘Squat’, ‘Dare You Not To Dance’, ‘Onset’ and ‘Jupiter’ which heard passionate singalong’s ignited. 

Their set was a celebratory party of ridiculous energy and embracing the fact we can ecstatically  dance again. ‘Fashion Model Art’ saw them putting on their fashion masks before throwing streamers in the crowd and then jumping across the stage to the absolute anthem ‘Manbitch’. There wasn’t a moment where you couldn’t dance, and they really didn’t want to stop you from having the best time possible. ‘Eat This Bass’ turned up the chaos before they put on their sunglasses in the club and said goodnight with the forever classic hit ‘Not About You’. 

The quick set was an articulated form of high energy that was so infectious that you couldn’t help but have the best time. The group was joined by Bernie Van Tiel who absolutely commanded the stage and brought a new perspective to the groups live show which was so exciting to see.