SINGLE REVIEW: Number One Popstar – Forever 21

Number One Popstar is ready to become your new number one popstar, and you better believe it. With her pulsating new single, ‘Forever 21’, the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter is introducing herself to listeners following the synth-tastic debuts ‘Psycho’ and ‘I Hate Running’. 

The guitar and synth lead track steers her sound into this Aly & AJ meets Dagny territory with 80’s inspired drums and pop beats that will have you feeling notably nostalgic which perfectly ties in with the songs lyrical unravelling.

The playful track is a contrasting moment of different feelings as she looks back on her early twenties with two polarising thoughts. Reminiscing on the youthfulness of that time in her life, she captures wanting to re-embrace the hopeful and dumb feelings. But as she got deeper into her personal reflection she realised her fear of death really took over her 20’s when she was faced with her parents passing away. “I just don’t know now, where I’m going. And I wish that we’d be forever 21” she sings during the dreamy, infectious and reflective hook. 

As a fresh face on the releasing music side of the industry, Kate Hollowell (AKA Number One Popstar) has previously established herself as a director after shooting music videos for the likes of Katy Perry (‘Champagne Problems’) and SASAMI (‘Jealousy’). Shooting all the accompanying visuals for this song, you’ll find yourself ridiculously obsessed with watching her dance down the aisles of a bargain store as an elderly person. Absolutely genius. 

Everything about Number One Popstar and ‘Forever 21’ is genuinely exciting, and after listening once you will find yourself wanting to get further acquainted with everything else ASAP.