SINGLE REVIEW: Alec Benjamin – The Way You Felt

Alec Benjamin is an incredible songwriter and that’s something we’ve known ever since his global breakthrough hit ‘Let Me Down Slowly’. He just has this ability to capture raw emotions with such ease, and articulate them in such a beautiful and universal way that you feel immediately connected to him. It’s a comforting reassurance that you’re not alone in your heartbreak, anxiety and confusion.

Following the release of his debut album ‘These Two Windows’ last year, the singer-songwriter has returned with his first single of 2021 and it’s one that is going to immediately hit you in the FEELS. ‘The Way You Felt’ is a song all about human connection and the heartbreaking nature of losing someone you loved. Reminiscing on the way that they felt in his arms, his brain starts to rapidly run with the impending horror of what he’s going to do without them.

“The way you felt in my arms, our chemistry was sacred. Oh I fell for your charm, I was so infatuated. But you left me in the dark and my heart completely vacant, now I don’t know” he vulnerably sings. It’s a very relatable sentiment of grieving that we’ve all experienced whether romantically, friendship or family, and this song will take you to that exact moment. 

Complimenting the vulnerability of the lyrics, he’s kept the production quite intimate with a very minimalistic pop beat and acoustic guitar that will have you floating throughout its 3 minute duration. It’s very reminiscent of Chelsea Cutler’s recent material, and if you’re familiar with that then you know that you’re in for a whole love emotions.