SINGLE REVIEW: Kinder – Bus Stop

Soundtracking our 2020/21 summer, Kinder dropped the euphoric ‘Come Along’ which was a pure explosion of rhythmic dancehall influenced pop music. And with their first release of 2021, the Ghanaian-Australian singer, songwriter and producer sibling duo are ready to keep those vibes sizzling. 

‘Bus Stop’ is everything you didn’t know you needed from Kinder. It’s a song that brings you back to the early 2010’s when Icona Pop were dominating the charts and clubs with their pop-centric tracks. Beginning with smooth harmonies and a pulsating beat, the production builds into this explosion of rhythmic pop euphoria. There is a PNAU influence that also shines through with their infectious energy that you’ll know will be translated so perfectly in their live show. 

This playful track is unashamedly fun and doesn’t hold back from being a little bit ridiculous with a fictional tale about a character who can’t get off “African Time”. “How come when I pull up to the bus stop, wheels keep turning, turning, and they gone away” they sing during one of the main refrains. 

‘Bus Stop’ is an absolute dancefloor anthem that I’m ready to listen to for the next 5 years on heavy rotation. With the infectious sentiment and playful production of Icona Pop, Kinder truly have the potential to be one of Australia’s biggest pop-dance breakout acts of 2021 and I’m so excited to witness this happen. 

Kinder Tour Dates 2021

Friday 7 May – Grand Junction Hotel, Maitland

Saturday 5 June – Poof Doof, Melbourne

Saturday 12 June – Poof Doof, Sydney

Saturday 3 July – Uni Bar, Hobart

Saturday 28 August – Fresh Produce Festival, Maitland Showgrounds

Wednesday 8-11 September – Snow Machine Festival, Queenstown, New Zealand