LIVE REVIEW: Spacey Jane – Riverstage

A year ago Spacey Jane were meant to play The Zoo for their pre-album launch shows in Brisbane. Wth the on-going COVID pandemic and the struggling venue restrictions, these shows were upgraded to the Fortitude Music Hall for an increased capacity and to meet the demand the band were sparking. Right ahead of the shows, lead vocalist Caleb Harper fell sick and lost his voice which added to the cursed nature of the show. Upgrading the venue again to Riverstage which allowed them to play less shows and to a bigger audience, they jumped from playing 300 in one show to playing 3000 at a venue that artists dream about eventually playing, and this Perth based band did it on their debut album cycle. 

Fresh out of hotel quarantine they excitingly took to the stage for night one of two big euphoric evenings. Shrouded in blue lighting, they opened the show with ‘Skin’ before rolling straight into ‘Cold Feet’, ‘Sawteeth’ and ‘Good Grief’. “How are we fucking going Brissy? It’s been so long!” Caleb Harper exclaimed to the reaction of the piercing screams of the punters. 

With the carefree vibes of their indie-rock tracks flowing through the outdoor amphitheatre, the singalong’s that were being had felt like a giant warm hug. ‘Weightless’, ‘Wasted On Me’, ‘Love Me Like I Haven’t Changed’ and ‘Feeding The Family’ followed before drummer Kieran Lama took a moment to introduce the band and explain how this was their biggest headline show to date.

The production was enlarged with an impressive lighting rig enhancing their stage dynamic. With a huge LED screen at the back of the stage provided by Summer(ish) Sounds which this show became apart of, they should’ve used it to their advantage and had visuals thrown into the mix, but they sadly didn’t.

Guitarist’s Peppa Lane and Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu were ecstatically running across the stage throughout the duration of the show and were wholesomely interacting with Caleb which helped them all forget the stress of the biggest show to date status hovering over them. Nearing the end of their set with ‘Straightfaced’, ‘Head Cold’ and ‘Booster Seat’, they thanked the crowd for keeping their ticket and fake exited to only come straight back for the real closers ‘Still Running’, ‘Thrills’ and the breakthrough hit ‘Good For You’. 

It’s been a long time in the making, but Spacey Jane’s return to Brisbane did not disappoint.

Check out the full gallery captured by Kirsten Roe Photography BELOW;

Photos by Kirsten Roe