SINGLE REVIEW: The Veronicas feat. Allday – Life Of The Party

It’s been 8 years between albums from The Veronicas, and to be honest that’s just not acceptable. Luckily they also agree, and to make up for that lost time they’re releasing TWO new albums. Yes, you read that right, we will have over 20 new songs from the iconic sister duo before June this year. Giving listeners two distinct sides to their artistry ’Godzilla’ (out May 28) will hone their playful and experimental pop-rock side while ‘Human’ (out July 2) will showcase a softer and more emotional side to their songwriting. And their new single ‘Life Of The Party’ featuring Allday definitely falls under the mood of the latter. 

With a melodic hip-hop beat fused with a light alt-pop production, this song is a breezy track that soundtracks the moment where you’re laying on your bed motionless knowing you need to go somewhere but really not wanting to because you know your heart isn’t in it. It’s a look at fame and how all of these incredible things happen with extensive travelling, but in return you have to leave people you care about at home and you don’t ever truly get to have a day off. “Everybody wants to be the life of the party, But I just want to find somebody” they intimately confess. 

This is the second time that Allday has collaborated with The Veronicas and he seems to naturally bring out a melodic side to them. Its a breezy pop song that doesn’t try too hard to be something it’s not. Showcasing another ounce of vulnerability, ‘Life Of The Party’ highlights a very human side to them which is a little ironic and appropriate when their emotional album this song is apart of is literally called ‘Human’.