SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan feat. Sam Hunt – when was it over?

The feelings surrounding a break-up are never going to be just explicitly straight forward. Even if you saw it coming, or know that it was for the best, you’re always going to always question “what if” and want to dive into more of the psychology behind it all. And that is what Sasha Sloan has explored on her first new single since the release of her debut album ‘Only Child’ last year. 

‘when was it over?’ is all about looking back at the end of a relationship and questioning when the end was solidified for the other person, because the end date didn’t seem to cross your mind until later or if at all. “Was it the first time that you saw me drunk? Second time that I said I’m sorry. Third time that I didn’t call stayed out and missed your party. That time I met your friends I was indifferent” she honestly ponders before questioning “When was the moment you knew, that you were gonna walk out eventually. It’s still not over for me”. 

Sonically continuing the stripped back approach of her debut album, this acoustic guitar led track implements light atmospheric synths to help represent the emotional intimacy. Where this song particularly differentiates from her previous material is within a slight specific country influence in the form of a collaboration with Sam Hunt. This is the first time that she has released a duet straight-up instead of it being a remix of a song she’s already released, and this song feels very fitting for it. Providing two different perspectives, their harmonies are so warm and comforting that it brings yet another emotional layering to this already highly emotional track. 

‘when was it over?’ is another intimate emotional unravelling for Sasha Sloan that opens up a universal dialogue of hurt and reflection. It’s a strong follow up to her debut album, and will have you feeling all the emotions of a break-up even if you aren’t in that headspace currently.