SINGLE REVIEW: K.FLAY – Four Letter Words

“Four letter words, I’m cursing. Fuck you, you didn’t deserve me” is a lyric I want to chant in the face of everyone who has ever disappointed me. It’s a little aggressive, but that’s exactly the point of it as it embodies the acknowledgement of your own worth, and knowing that you didn’t deserve to be hurt or treated the way they treated you. Channeling that energy into a whole new song, ‘Four Letter Words’ is an anthem for K.FLAY that signals the beginning of a brand new chapter. 

Her new EP ‘Inside Voices’ will be released on June 11 and hears her tapping back into that gritty pop-rock sound that circled around ‘Life As A Dog’ and ‘Every Where Is Some Where’ but still has an element of the pop sensibility behind ‘Solutions’. With crunching guitars, distortion and a drum beat reminiscent of Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’, the energy behind this track is immediately dominating. It feels like classic K.FLAY with its playful demeanour intertwined with a darker punch. 

Standing up for herself, the lyrics acknowledge the shitty behaviour that someone in her life has put on her in the past. No longer taking their shit, she says fuck you and walks away from them while highlighting their arrogance and lack of empathy that got them where they are now. “While I was crying, you were flying at a party. Baby, you play me, like Atari at an arcade” she sings. 

‘Four Letter Words’ is one of K.FLAY’s strongest tracks in the past couple of years, and alongside ‘Good News’ and ‘Bad Vibes’ is an anthem that we especially need right now and will compliment her live show extremely well.