SINGLE REVIEW: Greyson Chance – Hellboy

As Greyson Chance matures and evolves as an artist, the more he’s beginning to reveal about who he is. Following the release of the stunning album ‘portraits’ in 2019, the Oklahoma raised singer-songwriter is set to follow it up later this year with his highly anticipated next body of work. ‘Hellboy’ is the latest taste of what’s to come, and it’s his most experimental and pop-centric release yet. 

Dominating with pulsating synths and groovy guitar baseline, this rhythmically charged track steers him into a dark-pop meets dance direction. Complimenting the playful and sexually charged energy of the lyrics he taps the likes of Troye Sivan, The Weeknd, and Maroon 5 as some sonical references. There’s a contrast of darkness that rises from the imagery of “Hellboy” with the brightness of the production that oozes a distinct confidence we heard originate organically on ‘portraits’. 

Showing listeners yet another side to his artistry, he explicitly explores his sexual identity with a song that leaves nothing for the imagination. It’s candidly about sex and using it to have someone wrapped around your finger and lingering on their mind. “Have me for dessert. I’ll have you on your knees. You’ll be begging for me, hot and heavy in the morning” he candidly declares during the second verse. He then teases his sexual interest with the hook that’ll have you strutting along with confidence.“Your eyes on my hips. Damn right, you want this. All night, yeah, I might give you hell, boy. I’m a hell boy”.

This is a very different sound and image for Greyson Chance, but it’s one that feels like a natural progression. With the freeing nature of ‘portraits’, he was able to really show the world who he truthfully is and tell his story through a candid lens. This next chapter is about showing the other side and what that truth has allowed him to explore next, and ‘Hellboy’ is at the perfect representation of that.