Excitingly beginning a new chapter following the release of her sophomore record ‘new skin’ and the continuation EP ‘new limbs’, VÉRITÉ isn’t scared of stepping into new waters. To coincide with the release of her new single ‘by now’ the Brooklyn based singer-songwriter has made NFT history by becoming the first artist to auction off master recording rights in perpetuity. It’s a huge career move for the independent artist as she experiments with new technology and educates the industry of the power and opportunity that NFT’s hold. 

The new single is not only a bold experimental move on the release side of things, but it also has a even darker creative direction. Evolving throughout its 3 minute duration, she begins with light atmospheric production intertwined with her angelic vocals that immediately lays the vulnerable foundations. At the 40 second mark the song pauses before a thick RNB inspired beat is dropped into the palette. This provides a whole new dynamic to her sound as it contrasts the heavy emotional outpouring that this song embodies. It also leans in on the experimental nature of some of her biggest songs like ‘think of me’, ‘underdressed’, ‘When You’re Gone’, and even her bold take on The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’.

Reflecting on a her relationship with depression, this was written during a very dark moment. With a lot water imagery, she encourages people to dive as deep as they can into the feelings and emotions that this song has to offer and interpret your own connection. “I was overflowing, hoping you would notice. And my mind was breaking, hoping it could takе me out” she honestly sings. 

‘by now’ is yet another strong representation of the artist and visionary VÉRITÉ is. You’ll find yourself immediately gravitating towards the contrast of vulnerability and production boldness that filters through the release.