SINGLE REVIEW: Julia Michaels – Love Is Weird

Julia Michaels is the queen of vulnerability. Her honest songwriting style has influenced and shifted the way that so many artists approach the direction of their messaging, and has led to hearing mental health and body image conversations to be heard more explicitly through music instead of hiding behind unnecessary metaphors. Her debut album ‘Not In Chronological Order’ will finally be unveiled to the world on April 30, and it promises to be an emotionally punchy collection of tracks that dissect love, heartbreak and life. 

Lead single ‘Lie Like This’ highlighted a polished pop sound while ‘All your Exes’ heard her getting angsty with a pop-rock anthem, but now her new single ‘Love Is Weird’ spotlights another side of her artistry. Tapping into what has become known as the “classic Julia” sound, this light guitar driven sonic is intertwined with atmospheric production and vocals. Allowing the vulnerable lyrics and storytelling to take the focus she explores the affects that love has on her and the variating emotions. “Love is weird, It shows up and disappears. Love is strange for some, It ranges from making love to tears” she sings during the melodic chorus.

In classic Julia fashion there are some punchy little lines that will be added to the growing list of Gems’ favourite lyrics. “People in my past, put ’em in a coffin. Laid ’em all to rest, but I still think about ’em often” is one that is WAY too close to home. But another one that hits hard is; “Tattoos on my arm, still scared of forever”. I feel very seen. 

With strings lifting the production towards the end into cinematic territory, she further experiments with her sound and how it can elevate her very direct and honest songwriting making ‘Love Is Weird’ another must listen track.