SINGLE REVIEW: Fickle Friends – Cosmic Coming Of Age

Fickle Friends have found themselves in a coming of age moment in their lives, and earlier this year lead vocalist Natti Shiner revealed to that it was triggered by finishing their debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’ and trying to figure out where to go from there, and where they exactly fitted. She also exclusively revealed there was a song on their next EP called ‘Cosmic Coming Of Age’ which really highlighted that period for them and was going to really embody all of those feelings and thoughts.

“Everything has been leading up to this moment, and you hit 27/28, and everyone talks about that cosmic shift and the Saturn return, and everything just falls apart before you turn 30. Everything feels so difficult, and you have your most difficult time ever, but it’s a test and it’s in order for you to become the person you’re meant to be. So that’s kinda what ‘Weird Years’ is, it’s about living through that weird fucking time and trying to come out on the other side” she explained. (Read the full interview HERE

Today the UK indie-pop band have announced that their EP ‘Weird Years: Season 2’ will be released on May 7 ahead of a full ‘Weird Years’ album release later this year. And top of that they’ve also released ‘Cosmic Coming Of Age’ which really certifies this vision and moment for them.

With a bright and bold electro-pop production that is still heavily centre around their drums and guitar roots, they turn this moment of confusion and self-realisation into a celebration. It’s very punchy and has that classic Fickle Friends essence to it which will have you just wanting to singalong to it at a live show with the hook; “It’s a sunrise, but it’s dark. Hit the bottom, I’m back at the start. It’s a comeback, it’s a phase, it’s a cosmic coming of age”.

It’s a concept that we can all relate to whether you’re just entering adulthood now, or if you’re finding yourself hitting that late 20’s confusion, or even if you can just reflect back on that moment in time where you felt that way. “Thought I had it figured out. On my high horse somehow. One of those people you wanna hate. Loved up grown up coming up, coming down” Shiner sings during the opening verse. She even loops back to this verse at the end of the song where she full-circle revisits it in the outro which is a cool production and songwriting twist. 

While we wait to hear the rest of ‘Weird Years: Season 2’, ‘Cosmic Coming Of Age’ is a playful and reflective track that hears Fickle Friends giving you a new life anthem you didn’t know you needed.