SINGLE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza – Syrup

Queen Tkay Maidza has dropped yet another future-hit that cements herself as one of the most exciting hip-hop acts of right now, not just in Australia but globally. ‘Syrup’ continues the playful and high energy delivery of previous single ‘Kim’, and hears her further finding her voice as an artist whose layers have been so captivating to watch unravel. 

The self-empowering hip-hop moment is an anthem for the unapologetic, and really stands true to who she is as an artist and the impressive discography she’s building. It’s witty, playful, quick and filled with attitude as she proclaims “I just wanna be rich, thick, sweet, sick, syrup,” in the catchy hook. She delivers a lot of classic Tkay one-liner moments, but none hits the way that “I go hard, I’m a boner” does. That will be forever a favourite Tkay line from now on. End of discussion. 

Produced by longtime collaborator Dan Farber, the glitchy and gritty hip-hop production perfectly compliments the confident lyrical delivery with a extra sweet layer on top. It’s energetic with a lot of hype thrown in there, and it’s one that you know will go off in her live show. 

I feel like I say this with every release from Tkay Maidza, but this may just be one of her best singles yet, and that’s a fact. Every time she drops something she steps her game up and unveils another side to her artistry and personal growth. She hasn’t stopped impressing me yet, and I don’t think she is going to any time soon.