SINGLE REVIEW: Renforshort – exception

Contrasting vulnerability with high-octane production, renforshort has delivered some reflective yet energetic tracks that perfectly captures her coming of age experiences and feelings. With her sophomore EP ‘off saint dominique’ slated for release later this year, the Canadian singer-songwriter is ready to get more intimate and show a softer side to her storytelling, and ’exception’ is a slice of exactly that.

Beginning with the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar, her soft vocals delicately glide over the top and immediately highlight the vulnerable nature of this track. Adding cinematic strings and an electric guitar solo, she builds the sonical palette which provides an engaging production growth which matches its lyrical progress. 

Honing the storytelling element, this track reflects on her wanting a relationship with an older person who already has a partner. “I’m only eighteen, but I know how to love. I won’t let you down if you let me try” she sings as she acknowledges how the age difference may be perceived, but reassuring them that she is keen to try make it work. “If I call you baby, would that be alright? I just want to want you without thinking twice. If I told you everything that’s on my mind, would you make an exception tonight?”. 

In the past we’ve been treated to a couple of more stripped back moments from renforshort like ‘tastefully depressed’ and ‘afterthoughts’, but ‘exception’ really is a moment in itself. The beautiful track will immediately capture your attention with it’s cinematic tinged production and delicate vocal delivery, and will have you ready to soak in a bath of emotions right there and then. 

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