SINGLE REVIEW: Doja Cat feat. SZA – Kiss Me More

Doja Cat is a name you haven’t been able to avoid for the past year. ‘Say So’ was rightfully one of the biggest songs of 2020 with its ear worm hook that has lived rent-free in your mind ever since. With mega follow-up success with ‘Boss Bitch’ and ‘Streets’, she’s ready to do it again as she launches her third studio album era ‘Planet Her’ which is due out later this year.

‘Kiss Me More’ is a mammoth track that immediately injects a whole lot of playfulness to your airwaves that is sonically in the same lane as ‘Say So’. Teaming up with SZA for this track, they’ve fused together their two unique sounds and found a glossy medium for them to ooze a seductive delivery. 

Explicitly saying that they want more from a lover, they live in that carefree zone where everything just feels good. It’s usually found in the early stages of a relationship or getting to know someone where everything is very intoxicating. “Can you kiss me more? We’re so young, boy, we ain’t got nothin’ to lose. It’s just principle. Baby, hold me cause I like the way we move” Doja Cat sings during the chorus. 

The rhythm behind this track is very addictive. There is a slight disco interpolation to the RNB-pop beat that helps hone that groovy feeling that is similar to ’Say So’. Upon the first listen you will be obsessed and ready to hit replay, and replay, and replay all over again.