SINGLE REVIEW: Saint Paras & Brock Jays – Touch

Sydney based producer Saint Paras is introducing himself in a BIG way with his explosive debut single. ‘Touch’ hears him teaming up with rising singer-songwriter Brock Jays who you may be familiar with through his previous project JAYS. But this song serves as a real introductory for both of them with its fresh EDM-pop sound that interpolates a deep house twist. 

It feels like a classic UK dance track with comparisons immediately drawn to the likes of Jax Jones, Joel Corry, Jonas Blue, and RAYE. It bubbles and begins to build during the opening verse and once the hook drops the full vision starts to unravel. But it’s the end of the hook that really stands out sonically with the “my body, yeah, my body needs your touch” repeating itself in your head. 

Lyrically they explore tantalising feeling of infatuation when you start falling for someone. It’s that moment where you want nothing but their touch on you, and nothing could change your mind in feeling that way. “When I think we’re done, you pull me right back with your touch” he sings. 

Boldly introducing each artist to listeners, ‘Touch’ is a teaser of where Saint Paras and Brock Jays both want to push their respective projects. During the first verse you can hear Brock’s soulful vocals shining through which is exciting to hear because a ballad from him vocally will be DEVINE. While the chorus is really Saint Paras’ forte, and the production gives you pure bouncy club energy.