SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Sip It

Iggy Azalea has been unapologetically doing things her way ever since going Independent, and the music she’s creating has shifted back towards her early mixtape days with a matured and honed vision. Her third studio album ‘End Of An Era’ is slated for a mid 2021 release, and the lead single ‘Sip It’ is an impressive and strong insight to where she’s wanting to go with it. 

Opening with a male voice repeating “pussy”, she immediately throws it back with a sample of her old track ‘Pu$$y’ which used the same refrain. It’s a little nod to her early material that long-time fans will clock and appreciate, and this track actually uses the same producer which feels like a real full-circle moment. The hip-hop meets trap beat is addictive and has that initial grit that was a part of her signature sound before she went down the pop lane on ‘The New Classic’. Returning to that grit on ‘In My Defense’, she keeps it rolling as she kicks into this next chapter.

The playful track is exactly what you think it’s lyrically about, and there’s no hiding it. “Fuck him on top, big boob, no trainin’ bra” she opens her first verse with before  sliding into the hook with; “Rappers in my phone, in my DM, won’t lеave me alone. Boys on my dick, sip this pussy likе it’s Styrofoam. Sip, sip, sip, sip it”. 

‘Sip It’ marks the second collaboration between her and Tyga, and they really delivered. This is a song that grows on you with each listen, and if you’ve been around since the ‘Ignorant Art’ and ‘TrapGold’ mixtape days then you will be really excited with the direction this song heads in as it steers back to the beginning.