10 Things You Didn’t Know About TOWNS

Adelaide pop-punk duo TOWNS have been dominating the Australian live music circuit for the past two years now with their high octane and chaotic energy that immediately opens up the mosh pitt. With a growing discography that is clocking over a million streams on Spotify alone, they’re ready to continue that growing trajectory. 

Their brand new single ‘Swimming’ is a punchy affair of crunching guitars, big drums and a chant worthy hook, but as you dive deeper there is a bigger story that unfolds. Reflecting on his experience with his first panic attack, lead vocalist Aston Valladares shows a vulnerable side to their artistry with the lyric “I’ve got the fire swimming in my head”. Contrasting it with a high octane production, they bring this revelation into a full TOWNS sonical experience. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Swimming’, we spoke to TOWNS and found out 10 things you didn’t know about them. Check it out BELOW;

1. We have 3 sets of matching tattoos between us: A sun, the word chi to make up Chi Chi (one of our favourite tattoo artists), and the mural artwork from the Title Fight album cover Hyperview

2. We both used to be play in a hardcore band called Dead Ties. We sounded like counterparts and it laid the foundation for our song writing partnership.

3. After we met and had been friends for a few months we were set on making a clothing label together. A few names we were thinking was ‘Discourse Clothing Co.’ and ‘Pineal’. We spent a few days really hyped up about it but then just kinda didn’t do it.

4. Our band was heavily influenced by Title Fight, Citizen,  Balance And Composure, and Basement when we first started. While we still love those bands we’ve definitely changed our influences

5. Our first show as a band was inside the Levi’s store in Rundle mall on Adelaide in front of complete strangers while people were shopping.

6. Towns started because of a University course called Creative Projects, where for an assessment we made a music video and recorded a song. Shoutout to Ian Hutchinson for kicking our indecisive butts into gear! 

7. The best pizza we’ve ever had is the vegan Margherita with chilli oil at Sunnys Pizza which is in Adelaide, We’ve had plenty of great pizzas but this one changed us.

8. We really love chocolate oak milk (it’s on our rider!)

9. It’s our dream to open up a cafe together that’s a friendly space and is welcoming for all and can double as a venue to be somewhat like what Central Perk is so we can spend everyday watching music and drinking coffee.

10. We have both worked at General Pants at different times but never together.

‘Swimming’ is out now! 

TOWNS Australian Tour

Friday 28 May – The Zoo, Brisbane

Saturday 29 May – The Lansdowne, Sydney

Sunday 30 May – La La La’s, Wollongong

Saturday 5 June – The Leadbeater, Melbourne

Saturday 6 June – The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide