Teenage Joans Present… Songs To Cry And Eat Ice Cream To

Teenage Joans are boldly introducing themselves to audiences across Australia and the world after a huge 2020 that saw them winning the triple j 2020 Unearthed High competition. With their singles ‘By The Way’, ‘Something About Being Sixteen’ and ‘Three Leaf Clover’ creating a whole lot of hype with their infectious energy and honest coming of age lyrics, they are quickly putting themselves on the map. 

Hailing from Adelaide, the indie rock duo made up of Tahlia Borg and Cahil Blakers are ready to keep the momentum building with ‘Ice Cream’. The playful rock track is all about feeling like your best just isn’t good enough. It’s a feeling that most of us have experienced before as we compare ourselves to everyone else and never feel enough. “I’ve got this little thing in my brain, A devil giving me a migraine. At the bottom of the food chain, is it time for me to get a new name” they sing.

Their debut EP ‘Taste Of Me’ will be released on May 28 and promises to be an electrifying affair that cements them as one of Australia’s most exciting new indie-rock acts. 

In celebration of their new single ‘Ice Cream’ (out now) we asked Teenage Joans to compile a playlist of their favourite songs to cry and eat ice cream to and they delivered a banging compilation of tunes for us;

1. ‘Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)’ – Beach Bunny

2. ‘Funeral Home’ – Yours Truly

3. ‘Hell N Back’ – Bakar

4. ‘FMF!’ – Nick Ward

5. ‘Junior Spirit’ – Jaala

6. ‘Small Talk’ – Slowly Slowly

7. ‘Questions’ – Middle Kids

8. ‘Last Day On Earth’ – beabadoobee

9. ‘Lie To Me’ – Melaleuca

10. ‘Your Mothers Clothes’ – Rowena

11. ‘Josh’ – Peach PRC

12. ‘Ghost’ – Yours Truly

13. ‘Void’ – Allday

14. ‘Ice Cream’ – Teenage Joans

Listen to on Spotify HERE;

Most importantly though, we also asked Teenage Joans what their signature ice cream would be called, and it’s one we definitely need to get our hands on…


 It’s a mixture of apple pie, ice cream, wine, cake and blood, sweat and tears!

Sounds like a very relatable time, get us a scoop NOW!