SINGLE REVIEW: Kings Elliot – Bitter Tonic

“I don’t wanna die, but I say I do so I can scare myself sometimes. Comfort in the curse. Maybe I believe it’s something I deserve” Kings Elliot sings in the opening moments of her ultra-vulnerable new single ‘Bitter Tonic’. It’s the feeling of not wanting to let go of your darkness and ask for help in the moments that you really should, but it’s the only consistent thing you have in your life and the only thing you take comfort in. It’s a very honest reflection of the loneliness and darkness that a lot of people experience and don’t know how to articulate in word form. But they don’t need to as Kings Elliot has done that for them and created something that they can take solace in. 

“Everybody knows I’ll end up broken-hearted. Everybody sees it but I don’t. Oh you know I need your help because it’s so damn hard to hide. But I’ll never want it, cause the bitter tonic is mine” she sings during the cinematically penned chorus that simultaneously feels light yet grand. The London-via-Switzerland singer-songwriter uses the term “bitter tonic” to represent a tangible clinginess to that darkness. It’s that addictive bitter taste that she doesn’t want to let go of. 

With a production and vocal delivery reminiscent of Billie Eilish, this track is led by a simple piano arrangement with the addition of strings that gradually builds the song up. It’s very cinematic and heartbreakingly beautiful and still feels really bold without compromising its vulnerable foundations. 

‘Bitter Tonic’ is yet another beautiful, vulnerable and heartbreaking confession from Kings Elliot that stands strongly next to her previously released singles ‘I’m Getting Tired Of Me’ and ‘Dancing Alone’ that have had impressive viral success. It’s another insight into her inner most darkest thoughts, and lays the foundations for a very special project which is not only therapeutic for her but is also going to help so many people who need to hear someone say the things they can’t find the words for.