EP REVIEW: Budjerah – Budjerah

Budjerah is a star, and his debut self-titled EP is a true testament to that. Produced by Matt Corby, the soulful, vulnerable and ultimately honest collection of tracks explores the coming of age moments in his life with rich melodies and delicate arrangements providing a soothing soundscape. 

The four-track body of work opens with the smash hit debut single ‘Missing You’ that immediately put the 19 year old North Coast singer-songwriter on the map as one to watch. Laying the foundations for the rest of the material sonically, he contrasts guitar and RNB interpolated pop production that has a real nostalgic and wholesome 90’s feel to it. Expressing his deep feelings of missing being around people after dropping out of school to focus on music and the COVID pandemic forcing the world into an isolation, he provides a moment of reflection that we can all relate to. “And why does the evening sun have to leave me for so long? When I barely can sleep, cause I’m wishing to be with everyone” he sings. 

Interpolating an 80’s influence with follow up single ‘Higher’, he provides the EP’s boldest and most upbeat and euphoric moment. “Keep taking me higher” he proclaims in the gospel inspired hook which is one you will want to singalong to at massive festival during sunset. 

But ‘Shoulda Coulda’ is the EP’s real star. This is a song that you’ll immediately fall in love with. Through its soulful and uplifting production, they provide a beautiful contrast to the moody lyrical representation of not wanting to get out of bed and falling into a self sabotaged depression. “I’d rather have to let the rain fall than make the sun go shine. Said I’d rather have to let the rain fall. Nothing seems to work out” he honestly sings. It’s a beautiful song that you’ll need (and want) to press replay on immediately. 

Closing out the EP is ‘Pyro’ which is sonically one of the most experimental tracks on this offering. With the layering of vocals and echoing synthesisers, they build this sound that feels other-worldly, and it’s a great contrast to the rest of the tracks and shows the different directions his sound can and will head in. 

If Budjerah is not on your radar as of yet, then he really needs to be. The talented singer-songwriter is only just introducing himself to the world, and with rich vocals and honest reflections like the ones captured in these tracks, he’s going to find a special place in a lot of people’s hearts.