Ryan Woods is an artist that you need to watch. The Tennessee raised bedroom-pop artist has been honing his songwriting and production craft over the last year with a string of vulnerable and impressive releases that explore his inner monologue. ‘THE FRIEND SPACE’ acts as the final single before the release of his forthcoming EP slated for release next month which ties together this whole introductory period. 

Exploring the in-between period of a friendship where you start getting feelings for them, and are unsure what to do, Woods describes needing to let go of the secret he’s hiding with how he’s feeling. It’s a storyline that is ultra-relatable as we’ve all had that one friendship that has crossed over into the in-between territory and we’ve been unsure what to do. If we let them know how we feel it could either be reciprocated or the end of the friendship, which is a terrifying thought to have. So through this song he musters up the confidence to tell them how he really feels and see if they are reciprocated back. “You couldn’t imagine the way I feel about you. I’m not kidding but I’m scared to death to tell you the truth” he sings before confessing, “I know we’re in the friend space, but I’m being selfish, I can’t hold it in anymore”.

The pop production is reminiscent of a coming of age pop soundtrack that could be found between Conan Gray and Joshua Bassett. Heavily led by electric guitar riffs and strong syncopated drums, this is one of the most electric offerings from Ryan Woods to date and follows in the footsteps of ‘Bad Texter’ and ‘Pillow’. It’s an exciting sound that I can’t wait to hear him explore more as he matures and evolves within his own artistry. 

Ryan Woods is a very exciting newcomer and ‘THE FRIEND SPACE’ cements that statement.