KYE is in her introduction era right now, and you’ll quickly realise that you NEED to get acquainted with this Zimbabwean born, UK-raised, and Australian based singer-songwriter ASAP. ‘Sometimes’ is her first release since signing with Sony Music Australia, and it follows in the footsteps of the neo-soul ‘Good Company’ which was released in 2019 and has accumulated over 700,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

Exploring the breakdown of a relationship, ‘Sometimes’ honestly depicts how sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Two people could love each other so much, but that doesn’t always mean it’s meant to be that way. She uses imagery of star-crossed lovers to tell this story, and it feels very cinematic with the way it unfolds. “Star crossed lovers, love one and another. So why don’t it work when I put you first? Why do we hurt each other?” she sings before she confesses; “Cause sometimes a good thing breaks”. Love is always glamourised and put in this shiny filter, but what she’s done with this song is show the reality of a lot of relationships that just don’t work out and there’s no big answer as to why. 

Sonically the neo-soul track falls into a rhythmic delivery reminiscent of Kehlani, Solange and SZA. With drums and guitars leading the production along with a RNB leaning beat, it immediately draws you in with its contrasting infectious sound and has you grooving along. 

‘Sometimes’ is genuinely a big moment for KYE. With each listen you’ll find yourself falling more and more in love with her delicious vocal tone on top of the visual lyrics that paint this cinematic world of pain and heartbreak. It’s one that you’ll have on repeat immediately, and it’s well deserving of that.