SINGLE REVIEW: Julia Michaels – All Your Exes

Julia Michaels is preparing for the release of her debut album later this year, and following in the footsteps of the dancefloor banger ‘Lie Like This’ she’s ready to tear it all up with a chainsaw. ‘All Your Exes’ is a pop-rock anthem about wishing your significant others exes were all dead. It’s a feeling that so many of us have when we go into a new relationship as you don’t want to know who they’ve been with, or what their life was like with them because all that matters is that life has only just officially begun with you now in front of them. It’s the main character energy that we all need to adapt into our lives. 

“When your friends tell stories about 2017, I know there’s parts that they leave out to be considerate of me. Wish I could be blissfully unaware of where you used to put your mouth. And who you write your fucking songs about” she confesses during the pre-chorus before proclaiming in the punchy hook “I wanna live in a world where all your exes are dead. I wanna kill all the memories that you saved in your head. Be the only girl that’s ever been in your bed”. 

It’s a very aggressive and bold lyrical take, but it’s one that also feels very rational. You immediately empathise with her and go “yeah, I feel you”. It doesn’t feel over dramatic (okay, maybe only a little), and it’s a song that I’m happy to give to my next partner and be like “you might end up needing this song because I’m probably going to need it too”. 

Complimenting the aggressively pointed lyrics, the production is just as punchy with its delivery. Beginning with the strumming of an acoustic guitar, her signature raspy vocals glide over the top and draw you in with its candid approach. But then she switches it up and swaps out the acoustic guitar with a gritty electric guitar and drops in some drums as she erupts into the anthemic chorus. Providing some early 2000’s energy similar to Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne, she doesn’t hold back with this mosh pitt worthy energy.

Just like all of Julia Michaels’ previous releases, ‘All Of Your Exes’ feels like a group therapy session, and specifically one for you and your partner to vent out your frustrations. It’s honest, slightly comedically inclined, and a downright anthem.