SINGLE REVIEW: Emalia – Mistake

Sometimes we need to take accountability. There’s so much blaming we can do in the middle of a breakup until we need to step back and look back at what actually happened. And that’s the moment of reflection that Emalia has dived into on her rhythmically charged new single ‘Mistake’. 

Honestly exploring the breakdown of a relationship where in the heat of the moment a lot of things were said and blame was thrown, she has a moment to let the dust settle and realise the mistakes she made that played a big part in the breakdown of the relationship. Watching them move on, she realises that losing them was a mistake, but it’s one that she’s got to accept she had a part in and move on acknowledging all the facts. “Losing you was my mistake. I ain’t never been the same” she sings before later confessing, “You was my mistake. Do you ever think of me? Shoulda, woulda, coulda stayed”. 

Sonically inspired by the likes of Ciara, Kehlani and Mahalia, she offers a sound that is seductively charged and contrasts the heartbreak sentiment of the song with the sexually charged energy of the sentiment of saying “I want you back”. 

Emalia is the new RNB princess that Australia needs, and ‘Mistake’ proves that in the wake of her bold introductory singles ‘IOU’, Suga Rush’, ‘Who?’ and ‘Prima Donna’.