SINGLE REVIEW: Benny Blanco & Gracie Abrams – Unlearn

With a growing discography of vulnerable unravellings, Gracie Abrams is our new queen of sad-pop. Her debut EP ‘minor’ was a heartfelt and honest collection of tracks that hit you deep in the feelings, and had you reflecting on relationships in a retrospective way that maybe you hadn’t done before. Stepping into 2021 and preparing to keep breaking our hearts with these honest confessions, she’s teamed up with Benny Blanco who she previously worked on the title track ‘minor’ with.

‘Unlearn’ is a hyper-emotional track about running away when the going-gets-tough in a relationship. It’s a part of the fight or flight mechanism that so many of us adapt to when faced in a unappealing situation. Just like Gracie, I run. But when you’re in love and in a relationship you need to learn to stop reverting to those old ways and instead talk it out, and that’s what she explores on this track. “Cause if I’m gonna learn how to love you, I need to unlearn how to love too. Need to unlearn how to run when it feels right. Oh my God, I’m trying” she sings. 

To compliment the vulnerable reflections, the production is kept very light with just piano and some vocoder synthesiser to provide a slight contrast. From the very first listen, they both draw you in with the simplicity of it all which is ironic because the emotions she describes are so complicated. But that’s why this song works so well as she’s able to just unleash all her thoughts upon the light sonical canvas. 

‘Unlearn’ is a beautiful and vulnerable song for anyone who run aways in the moments where they probably should just stay. Forget everything you know from the past, and instead focus on the now. Easier said than done, but try to unlearn those ways.