SINGLE REVIEW: The Maine – Sticky

The Maine have soundtracked so many people’s angsty teen years that have simultaneously turned into an angsty and reflective life of listening to their back catalogue. Their eighth studio album ‘XOXO: From Love And Anxiety In Real Time’ will be released on July 9, and they’ve just dropped the infectious lead single that will take you back to the mid 2000’s.

‘Sticky’ is a playful pop-rock song that unapologetically dives head first into into the pop melodies that make this song so irresistible. It’s an immediate anthem of undeniable love that is going to become a clear standout and singalong moment in their future live shows. It’s also a polished and punchier continuation of ‘My Best Habit’ from their last record ‘You Are Ok’. 

Through using imagery of records and the power of music, they describe a love for someone that is so intense that they’re permanently cemented in their brain. It’s a feeling that we can all relate to has there has been that one person in our life that made you feel that way. “And I swear these days, you’ve been stuck in my brain. Want to play you over and over again. Sticky just like the song in my head” lead vocalist John O’Callaghan sings during the infectious hook. 

‘Sticky’ is a song first and foremost for the fans. It’s an anthem of the celebration of love, and a moment of ridiculous catchiness that you won’t be able to get out of your head. But it’s also a song that is going to intrigue new fans as it’s so commercially accessible, and could easily be synched to so many tv shows and movies. So could this be the commercial reinstatement of The Maine?