SINGLE REVIEW: Amy Shark – Baby Steps

With her sophomore studio album ‘Cry Forever’ slated for an April 30 release, Amy Shark has delivered one final preview of what is to come. ‘Baby Steps’ is an honest reflection of what she describes as the lowest moment in her life, and it’s a feeling that most of us can relate and empathise with. 

With everything not going her way and her ex moving on with someone new while she was still picking up the pieces of the messes she’d made, she acknowledges that she’s hit rock bottom. Making bad decisions and finding vices to fill the void in the meantime, she keeps falling into this continuous cycle where she only takes baby steps. “You’ve got no idea where I am, and I know it hurts. You’ve got a nice life with her, I don’t know what’s worse” she sings before later confessing “I’m gonna take baby steps all the way back to your door. Cause I’m just dying to know who the fuck you left me for”. 

Opening with a guitar riff that is reminiscent of Heart’s ‘Barracuda’, she leans into this pop-rock production that provides listeners with that “classic Amy Shark” sound. Somewhere in between ‘Psycho’, ‘C’MON’, ‘The Idiot’, and ‘Mess Her Up’, she has this distinctive storytelling that just unfolds so naturally and simultaneously has this addictive flow. She also has this ability to contrast candid vulnerability with pop driven hooks and production where she provides you with a bigger and thought provoking punch than what you expected. 

‘Baby Steps’ is one of Amy Shark’s strongest releases yet from ‘Cry Forever’ and will have you counting the days to its impending release on April 30.