EP REVIEW: Mothica – forever fifteen

Mothica is on a journey of self-expression and exploration through an artistic lens that is both vulnerable and captivating. Her debut album ‘Blue Hour’ was a body of work that explored her battle with addiction and the process of getting sober. She’s now ready to share the next chapter in her story which reflects on life on the other side as well as the other vulnerable topics that dominate her inner monologue. 

‘forever fifteen’ is a bold, intimate and impressive six track collection that will have you relating unapologetically to her candid lyrical takes and simultaneously emotionally captivated by everything she confesses. Each track acts as a different diary entry with an unfiltered and unbiased reflection of her feelings, and by the end of the EP you will feel like you’re best friends with her as no secret is held back. 

Opening with her most vulnerable track to date and the title track ‘forever fifteen’, she perfectly sets the candid tone of the EP. Reflecting on the ten year anniversary of her attempt of suicide she realises that if she was successful in her attempt that she would be forever fifteen, and she uses that sentiment to tell this story of the self destructiveness she had. With a guitar heavy production, there is a shift in the keys and synth-led production of her previous material that sonically hints at what the rest of this body of work will unravel. 

‘buzzkill’ is an absolute moment in it’s own right. This is a gritty, honest, and catchy track that carries a huge punch of revenge. With a drum and guitar led production, this song is sonically bold and assertive with helping get the message it wants across. Written about her pedophile youth pastor and the sexual assault he inflicted on her at age 13, she makes it clear that she no longer stands in silence of what happened. 

“I’m a buzzkill, I’m a broken one. I’m a victim of the things you’ve done” she sings during the pulsating hook. But the lyric that really stands out is “I don’t talk about it unless I make a joke about it”. This is a reality for a lot of people who have suffered sexual assault or any form of trauma, as it’s so much easier to laugh and joke about it than it is to actually vulnerably address the matter. This is an anthem for anyone who has gone through something similar, and together you will be able take control of your narrative and not feel so silent. 

‘funhouse’ feat Kailee Morgue further unravels the tender vulnerability this EP captures with a song that is all about body dysmorphia. As someone who personally suffers from body dysmorphia, it is so incredible hearing artists talk about it more openly as it’s something that has been a taboo subject for way too long. “In the funhouse, I can never tell what’s real. Break the mirrors, now I’m looking how I feel” she sings. What this song does is make the listeners feel not so alone with their own feelings when they look in the mirror, and it’s one that is going to help so many people.

Providing a more minimalist guitar riff and slight pop beat sonic, ‘motions’ provides an outlook on the day to day struggles of life before she slides into the punchy ‘intuition’. With a sonic that is reminiscent of early 2000’s pop-rock with the likes of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, she reminds everyone to always follow their gut instinct. It’s always correct. ALWAYS. “I should’ve trusted my intuition, something’s missing. Cause I heard all the sirens but I didn’t listen” she honestly sings. 

Closing the EP with ‘upside’ she wraps it all up with the reality of depression. It’s this continuous cycle of looking like she’s having a great time but inside feeling nothing that a lot of people can relate to but might not be able to articulate it in the direct way she can. “On the upside, everything’s gonna bе just fine. I’m already dead on thе inside” she honestly sings. 

‘forever fifteen’ is a captivating listen from start to finish. It’s so candidly honest and vulnerable that you can’t help but feel an immediate emotional connection to the songs. The sound is bold and steers her into a guitar and drum driven sonic that elevates her material even further. A must listen.