SINGLE REVIEW: Lola Young – Ruin My Makeup

I’m a big believer in the power of vulnerability. If we were to all just be honest about our feelings, emotions and trauma, the world would be a much better place. It’s such a freeing feeling to be unapologetically honest in a time where it’s normalised to hide behind a filtered look at your life. But to get to that space is a journey within itself, and Lola Young explores that on her first release of 2021.

‘Ruin My Makeup’ is a raw track that reflects on the duality of a person, and questions if her confidence was hindered by her vulnerability. But in reality why can’t they co-exist? And this song takes an empowering approach to bridge that gap and find the confidence to be so candidly vulnerable with listeners. “If I cry about you, about love, I’ll only ruin my makeup” 

Beginning with a Kate Nash meets KFLAY influenced the sonic, her lyrical flow is intoxicating as she brings you into this emotional world full of raw energy. As the song gradually builds, it turns into this soaring soulful string-charged moment that intertwines influences of Florence + The Machine and Jorja Smith. 

It’s a song that beckons more than just one listen. She captures a raw intimacy that is hard to hone while also contrasting this empowering control of her emotions.