SINGLE REVIEW: Johnny Manuel – Lost In The Music

Johnny Manuel has had a career full of musical experimentation. From being signed to a major label at a young age, to then going on to representing Bulgaria at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the group EQUINOX, and then re-introducing himself to audiences through the reality TV platforms America’s Got Talent and The Voice Australia, he’s truly shown a lot of versatility. At the core of his artistry is a raw talent that he just excitingly wants to share with listeners, and with the release of his new single he’s beginning a whole new chapter. 

‘Lost In The Music’ is a bold and fresh representation of the artist Johnny Manuel is, and it’s so much more than the powerhouse ballad vocalist he was scripted to be on The Voice Australia. Capturing a sound reminiscent of The Weeknd and John Legend, this track boldly injects some funk and RNB-pop influences which simultaneously showcases a seductive and edgy side to his artistry. 

Bringing a pulsating synth layered groove to the production, he contrasts a playful and vibrant sound with a darker and emotional story that provides a beautiful light and shade representation. Exploring that act of shutting your mouth for the sake of love, he reflects on love going wrong and trying to figure out how to get back to that place again. “Don’t want another break down. So we dancing around what we don’t talk about” he sings before later confessing “shut your mouth for the sake of us. So scared of breaking love. Didn’t wanna break us up because somebody said too much”. 

It’s a relatable story of the reality of love that people so frequently try to hide. But in reality it happens in most relationships, and it’s all about the art of communication that will bring you back together. However this song also acts as a beautiful juxtaposition to the way he felt lost in music after getting caught up in the reality TV world. This song was the moment he broke free mentally from expectations and just created music that he wanted to without any hesitations. 

With its pulsating production and infectious hook, this song will immediately get stuck in your head. And while it is more synth inclined, his vocals are still flawlessly on display with gospel inspired harmonies and an epic vocal run before the final chorus that will leave you impressed. 

Johnny Manuel Tour Dates

Friday June 18 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Friday June 25 – The Toff, Melbourne