SINGLE REVIEW: Nicole Millar – Are You Kidding?

Just when you think you know what direction Nicole Millar is heading in, she switches it up and gives you an unpredictable pop moment that is fun, experimental and genuinely exciting. ‘Are You Kidding?’ is the next single and title track from her forthcoming EP which will be released on April 23.

Taking a more live instrumentation approach, this track experiments with pop-rock elements while also flirting with pc-pop similar to the stylings of Charli XCX. With a heavy guitar lead, this song is built up by electronic pop layers that are distorted and mashed together through a polished and moody pop lens. It creates a very exciting listen as find yourself wondering where it is going to sonically go and what little quirks will be filtered throughout it. 

Cutting ties to someone who is continually stringing you along, this song explores taking the power out of someone else’s hands and asserting your own confidence in letting them know that they will never get another chance as you’ve chosen yourself over them. It’s big main character energy that we all need to embrace. “It’s taken years to say what’s on my mind. Like a lemon, you’re bitter inside. Time and time I give you all my heart. At the tip of the iceberg, putting myself first” she sings before proclaiming; “Baby are you kidding? You must be dreaming”. 

‘Are You Kidding?’ is a strong pop track that hears Nicole Millar in a new sonical light that we will hopefully hear more of on the upcoming EP.