SINGLE REVIEW: London Grammar – How Does It Feel

London Grammar are evolving, and their forthcoming third studio album ‘Californian Soil’ promises to be their most experimental and personal body of work yet. ‘How Does It Feel’ acts as a fresh perspective to their sonical layering and is their most pop directed sound to date. Citing a lot of her pop friends as references, lead vocalist Hannah Reid wanted to steer this song into new territory, and they’ve definitely successfully done that. 

Delivering an exciting confidence through this soundscape, they’ve contrasted their reflective vulnerability with an upbeat production that is very fresh. Beginning with haunting vocals and minimalist keys, they then add a pulsating beat that steers the song into full blown brit-pop. The rhythmic pop flow is very different to what we’ve heard from them before, but it works so well with Reid’s vocals that you’ll immediately want to hear more tracks under this light. 

With the emotional foundations of their lyrics cemented heavily on this track, they reflect on the regret and emotions someone has surrounding giving up. Does they care? Do they have regret? Do they still think about the other person? It’s all the questions that we unapologetically have when put into the firing line of this situation. “How does it feel, now that I’m gone? How does it, how does it feel to get low? How does it feel, now you’re alone? How does it, how does it feel to feel low?” they question during the pulsating hook. 

‘How Does It Feel’ is a really exciting direction for London Grammar that shows their strength in experimentation. It hears them evolving and stepping out of their comfort zone which is something they didn’t have to do, but they did, and it’s impressive.