SINGLE REVIEW: Hallie – Sydney Hates Me

Over the past year COVID has ruined a lot of things and has put a lot of roadblocks in the middle of relationships coming into fruition. It makes you question if it wants you to be in love or happy at all, and that may sound dramatic but I promise it’s not. And that’s the concept that Hallie explores on her new single ‘Sydney Hates Me’. 

The rising Brisbane singer-songwriter details a bubbling long distance romance that gets put on hold because she can’t get into Sydney due to COVID restrictions and a string of cancellations of shows. It’s very frustrating because all she wants to do is meet the person in real life, and she can’t and is forced to have this online long-distance relationship. She puts a quirky personal spin on it by making it seem like Sydney is personally attacking her by not letting her in, which is really playful. “I think Sydney hates me now. Three separate occasions the city’s kicked me out and, either it’s metaphorical walls are up or the city doesn’t want me to fall in love” she sings. 

Beginning with just an acoustic guitar and her dreamy vocals, the song immediately gives off some Alex The Astronaut vibes. The song then transforms with the addition of percussion and layered harmonies into this big singalong moment that will have you screaming “will I ever get close to you?”. 

It’s a big alt-pop meets folk moment that hears Hallie really honing her sound and vision as an artist. With each release she is sounding increasingly more confident and her songwriting is getting even bolder, catchier and punchier which is really exciting for this next chapter of releases.