SINGLE REVIEW: Jorja Smith – Addicted

Giving 100% of yourself to someone and not getting that back in return is one of the hardest things to emotionally understand. It’s a form of unrequited love that stings a little more than if they just acted completely uninterested because you have a taste of what it could be like. You want them to just change their mind and suddenly be all in, and that is what Jorja Smith explores on her new single ‘Addicted’. 

The UK singer-songwriter delivers an honest and candid exploration into wanting the full attention of someone who’s not giving enough when they should be. You know they should but they aren’t, and it’s a form of heartbreak that cracks your heart slightly while you’re still in love. “The hardest thing, you are not addicted to me. I’m the only thing you should need. You should be addicted to me” she sings during the sultry chorus. 

Complimenting the emotional layering of the honesty of wanting more from this situation, the production is very minimalist and sits in the light RNB soundscape of her previous material. With a rhythmic jazz influenced drum beat driving the chorus, it brings some shadowing to the production and has you immediately drawn in. 

‘Addicted’ is an emotionally charged song that hits you immediately in the feels. With its minimalist rhythmic production you will find yourself ironically addicted to the track and hitting replay over and over again as you fall deeper into your feelings.