SINGLE REVIEW: Cate – Groupie

Canadian raised and now UK based singer-songwriter Cate is back with some more pop goodness for you to fangirl over. Following the release of her vulnerably honest EP ‘Love, The Madness’ and the TikTok viral single ‘Can’t Wait To Be Pretty’, she’s dropping a fun track that feels like it lives in the mid 2000’s.

‘Groupie’ is a guitar and drum led pop track that sounds like the love child of Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. Beginning soft and melodic, the song builds with the addition of percussion and strong harmonies that will immediately get stuck in your head. Staying true to the 2000’s references, the production is very simple and minimalist which allows for the lyrics and hook to really standout which is a classic structure that a lot of the big pop songs were built around in that time. 

Taking a spin on the classic groupie concept, instead of obsessing over a celebrity Cate explores becoming a groupie for the person you’re dating who isn’t as interested in you as you are of them. It’s a really unique spin that makes you look at relationships a little differently and realise that the strong love you feel for someone romantically is actually quite similar to the passion you have for someone in a band. 

“He said the right things at the right time, cause he knew that I would die for it. He was so cool and cruel at the same time. He could do no wrong in my eyes” she sings during the pre chorus before proclaiming; “Cause I was the groupie and he was the star. I knew all his stories, I knew them by heart. And I was the fangirl at the front of the show, pointing the spotlight that he didn’t know”. 

The analogy of a groupie in this context makes you start thinking about your previous relationships, and I realised I was definitely a groupie of my exes, and I’ve suddenly become the emoji with their brain scrambled.

‘Groupie’ is a very strong pop track that continues Cate’s introduction to the world as an artist you have to get to know.