Dating right now is a lot of fun. And by “fun”, I’m definitely hinting at some sarcasm. Every guy you meet seems to be completely narcissistic, have an ulterior motive, and are talking to so many other people that it feels like an episode of The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games. Can you tell I’ve been hurt…? But just when I started to think maybe I’m the only one feeling this way, Azure has dropped a new song that reiterates my feelings about shitty men.

‘Famous’ is a pulsating dark-pop moment that shines a light on the chauvinistic nature of the music industry as well as dating men who are so delusional and narcissistic.

“‘Famous’ came about when I decided that if I had to talk to/tolerate/ associate with another misogynistic, emotionally/mentally and physically abusive, entitled, disrespectful, clout-chasing, disgusting, delusional, and cowardly male musician I was going to peel off my own skin and feed myself to a bear. I was infuriated and venting to Holly Allison and we started to write the beginning stages of ‘Famous’. I knew it was going to be something I released. I took it to Joe and Nick Delahoyde and we workshopped to make it what it is” she explains of the creative process behind the track. 

Not afraid to hold back, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has delivered some fiery hot-takes that will have you screaming “yass” and giggling along at the embarrassing behaviour at this guy she used to date. 

“My favourite lyric from ‘Famous’ is “no ones staring in the club at you stop acting like you’re famous” because I used to be associated with men that thought everyone was staring at them when really people were just trying to drink a margarita and live their lives”. 

With a pulsating dark-pop energy driving the song, it immediately pulls references to the likes of Billie Eilish, Conan Gray and Tove Lo. It’s easily one of Azure’s strongest releases yet and will have you pressing replay as you throw your middle finger in the air and decide to stop allowing to tolerate shitty men and people in your life. are excited to exclusively premiere ‘Famous’ ahead of its March 12 release. You can listen to the song BELOW;

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