SINGLE REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Pretty Places

Aly & AJ are forever evolving, and with their fourth studio album slated for release later this year the sister duo are unveiling another side to their artistry. Stepping away from the synth layers of their previous two EP’s, they’ve dived into more 60’s and 70’s inspired sonic. Their new single ‘Pretty Places’ is their longest track yet with a duration sitting over the 5 minute mark, and it’s one you can imagine listening to while driving down a coastal road. 

The light instrumentation sits more in an alt-folk pop realm which is quite a distinct shift in sound compared to what they’ve previously released. With a light guitar and dreamy harmony led delivery, they hone this laid-back but reflective atmosphere which perfectly compliments the aesthetic the lyrics lay down. 

Inspired by the freeing action of just getting into your car and driving, they question what if they just ran away from all their problems. It’s something I always dream of doing, and maybe this song will eventually convince me to do so. “All the pretty places pull us away from where the pain is. These open skies, leaving the past behind, I would for all the pretty places” they sing. 

Building into a euphoric and gradual inclined hook, they’ve created a very poignant, lush, and reflective sound through ‘Pretty Places’ which is a mature exploration of where their artistry sits at right now.