SINGLE REVIEW: Tate McRae – Slower

Tate McRae had a mammoth 2020 that changed her life in so many different ways. With the breakout success of ‘you broke me first’ the Canadian singer-songwriter is currently one of the most talked about newcomers, and she’s ready to keep that momentum building as she rolls into 2021. Her new EP ‘too young to be sad’ will be released on March 26 and hears her adding three new songs to the previously released ‘you broke me first’, ‘r u ok’ and rubberband’.

New single ‘slower’ is one of the new moments that will immediately hit you in the emotions. Reflecting on the essence of time and how it plays such a heavy and crucial role in relationships, she acknowledges that maybe she needs to step back from someone and wait till later so they can have a real chance. It’s one of those right person wrong time scenarios that if you’ve been in then you will empathise with how hard and rough it can be. “We could take it slower. Wait until we’re older. But I might be somebody, you might not even know her” she sings during the chorus. 

The mature pop infused RNB track is very minimalistic and moody which perfectly matches the lyrical contents of the song. It’s melodic and calming which compliments the maturity of the coming of age time in her life. It’s another strong song that adds another layer of vulnerability to her building discography and makes this upcoming EP a must listen once it drops.