SINGLE REVIEW: Bebe Rexha – Sacrifice

Bebe Rexha has made some bold creative decisions throughout her career, and ‘Sacrifice’ is another one of them. Heading into a heavy dance-pop sonic, she taps Dua Lipa and recent Lady Gaga as influences as she steers toward a big dance floor moment. However sadly it doesn’t pay off as much as her unexpected country crossover ‘Meant To Be’. Unfortunately it lacks the punch it needed to be a song that you’d want to hit replay on over and over again, and falls into forgettable territory. 

Beginning with a moody and retrospective house music sonic, it builds up to a recycled dance drop that is over-exhausted and isn’t exciting at all anymore. It lacked a moment of surprise or innovation that could’ve spun the direction of the song so strongly. Working with BURNS who co-produced ‘Rain On Me’ by Lady Gaga, this song was a darker exploration of that idea, but it just doesn’t hit the same… or even close to it. 

Exploring how far you’d go for love, she taps into a darker lyrical delivery as she questions what someone would sacrifice to be with her as she puts herself first the way that we all should. “Sacrifice, when it comes to me, don’t want no compromise. This should be the only body on your mind. When it comes to me, I’m down for life” she sings during the underwhelming hook. 

‘Sacrifice’ is a song that will find its place within the clubbing circuit, but within playlists and charts it just doesn’t stand out compared to the other strong pop tracks that are absolutely dominating at the moment.