SINGLE REVIEW: Charley – Hard For Me

Charley is introducing herself to the world with a lush debut single that highlights how minimalism is sometimes the answer to everything. The newest signing to EMI Music Australia has channeled the breezy and polished styling of 2000’s pop with ‘Hard For Me’, and what a pop moment it is! Immediately pulling references to Bonnie Mckee who is one of pop music’s strongest pop writers of the 2010’s, this song immediately draws you in and has you taking notes. 

The Gold Coast raised and now Sydney based singer-songwriter oozes a bold confidence through this track that really centres around her vocals and storytelling. With a production that plays up to pop minimalism, it has this pulsating and mid-summers afternoon energy to it which would be best played on a road trip along an ocean road. It’s very light and has a warm texture which is complimented by a few production and delivery quirks like an opening of a can, the ringing of a bell, and genuine laughing. They could’ve easily added so many more synth layers and built up the song a lot more like a Carly Rae Jepsen and Dua Lipa dancefloor banger, but they didn’t, and it stands out more because of it. 

Exploring the butterflies and heightened emotions around falling in love, this song hears her professing her love for her boyfriend. It’s that feeling of absolute head over heels that has you starry eyed and ear to ear smiling. “It’s making me wanna do things we probably shouldn’t in public. Might be adrenaline talking, but I don’t care who’s watching” she euphorically sings. It’s so warm and positive that even if you aren’t currently in love, you’ll feel in-love or happily reminisce to a time you were.

Dropping just in time for Mardi Gras, ‘Hard For Me’ is a strong introductory moment for Charley that signals only the beginning of an impactful international pop career that radiates positivity and love.