SINGLE REVIEW: Ashe & FINNEAS – Till Forever Falls Apart

It’s been a big week for FINNEAS. The Billie Eilish documentary dropped, girl in red released her song ‘Serotonin’ that he co-produced, and he’s adding another collaboration into that week of highlights with a song with rising star Ashe. 

‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ is an apocalyptic ballad that is all about being with the person you love when the world ends. It’s a similar concept to Julia Michaels and Jp Saxe’s ‘If The World Was Ending’, but it shifts more towards the understanding that sometimes it’s better to have had the chance to love and lose it than to stay in love. But you can still hold a very special place in your heart for them and hope that after everything that maybe they’ll be the last person you see when it all comes to an end. It’s a little dark, but it’s also romantic and super reflective which I guess is something you should expect from these two incredible storytellers. 

“We’ve been living on a fault line, and for a while you were all mine. I’ve spent a lifetime giving you my heart. I swear that I’ll be yours forever, till forever falls apart” they sing during the romantic hook. 

Beginning with light guitar and piano, this song enters a dream-like-state that suddenly begins to build and evolve through a folk-pop inspired sonic with big drums, strings and warm harmonies. It’s a song that evokes a lot of emotion and triggers a lot of personal reflection within your past and present relationships that could be quite heavy for some people. But it is a very authentic and honest moment for the two artists that will impress upon the first listen.