If you’re a big pop music fan then you’re probably already well across Peach PRC and have been highly anticipating this mammoth release. With over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has created this momentum that is unparalleled in the Australian music industry. After signing with Republic Records and Island Records Australia, she has finally released her official debut single, and it’s an absolute anthem. 

‘Josh’ is a break-up song for everyone that has ever been hurt by a guy called Josh, or by any man in general really. Airing his childish and manipulative ways, she uses this song to show him that they’re never getting back together, and that she’s not going to keep going back and helping him fix his mistakes. And honestly that is some huge main character energy that we all need to embody this year. “And I don’t wanna talk when you’re knocking off, drunk at four o’clock. I thought you wеre blocked. Fuck off, stop calling me, Josh” she sings during the huge hook.

Honing her anthemic pop sound, the production on this track is ultra-pop with a DIY pop-rock influence injected into the mix. With a prominent guitar riff and pulsating pop beats rhythmically  driving the sonic, you’ll find yourself just letting go of any grievances you may have with your exes and euphorically singing along with her. You might even find yourself misplacing “Josh” with your exes name. I did that with mine, (redacted), and it was VERY therapeutic. 

‘Josh’ is a song that will be immediately stuck in your head after the very first listen, and to be honest, you won’t want it to leave because it’s THAT ridiculously good. This is a very impressive official beginning from Peach PRC, and one that is going to haunt the real Josh wherever he goes from now on.