SINGLE REVIEW: Maisie Peters – John Hughes Movie

MP1 is officially on its way and slated for release later this year *screams*! And to kickstart this new chapter, Maisie Peters has unveiled the euphoric and highly relatable lead single, ‘John Hughes Movie’. The cinematic pop track is one that you can imagine listening to the way home from a night out with tears in your eyes that then encourages you to breakout dancing in the middle of the street. I mean… we’ve all done that before, right? 

If you’re not familiar with John Hughes, then all you need to know is that he directed some of the most ICONIC movies of the past 40 years including National Lampoon’s Vacation, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty In Pink, Home Alone, and Maid In Manhattan. His films have aways had an idealistic and romantic approach to them where everything goes right for the main character. But the fact of the matter is that not everything is a John Hughes movie, and everything isn’t always going to work out the way that you want it to.

So this song embodies that sentiment, and looks at a situation where the English singer-songwriter doesn’t get the guy and isn’t even sure if he knows she exists. “Cause this ain’t no John Hughes movie, where the girl gets the guy. You look right through me, every time you walk by” she sings during the chorus. 

Contrasted by a big pop production, you can immediately hear the Taylor Swift and Lorde influences that have undoubtedly impacted the soundscape this track lives within. It’s one of her most upbeat tracks, and sonically follows in the footsteps of ‘This Is On You’ and ‘Sad Girl Summer’. The contrast of emotions and sonics has always been very important to Peters, and in this track she gives you a range of different emotions within the 3 minute duration that is almost a celebration of the coming of age time she’s currently in as an young adult. 

Contrary to the lyrics, ‘John Hughes Movie’ gives us a big main character energy from Maisie Peters. It’s a song that you’ll be singing and dancing along to immediately, and you’ll find yourself relating to the pessimistic outlook that she has with love because it’s so honest and real. We all want to believe in love, but not everything is like a movie and sometimes we just need more convincing.