SINGLE REVIEW: Renforshort – Virtual Reality

We all know what it’s like to live in a world through the screens of our phones and electronic devices. It’s something that has increasingly become more and more prominent as we start to depart reality and enter this virtual reality that could quickly turn into an episode of Black Mirror at any given moment. Especially in a climate where we are globally in a lockdown that stops us from interacting outside with other people as freely. We are relying on social media to stay connected with each other more than ever before, and it’s kinda exhausting doing so.  

Renforshort has delivered a song that perfectly captures those thoughts and feelings towards social media and electronics. ‘Virtual Reality’ hears the Canadian singer-songwriter venting her frustration in the way that she allows it to overtake her life in a capacity. “Because I wake up and check my phone before I even get to take a breath. And sometimes I wonder if I need a break from it, before I break from it” she sings during the pre chorus before proclaiming “I don’t wanna live my life on the internet. I just wanna go outside like a kid again. I been here the last six months and I’m sick of it. I need something real I need something real”. It’s a sentiment that we can ALL relate to, and it just feels very honest and unfiltered which is refreshing. 

The production continues the alt pop-rock sound that has been growing throughout out her discography. Coming off the back of ‘nostalgic (luvsick)’, this song is just as anthemic in honing this big hook that you’ll want to scream along during a live show. It has a nostalgic early 2000’s influence within the production which brings that angst that was cemented in everything done by Avril Lavigne, Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy back to the forefront through a pop influenced lens. 

It’s another distorted, intricate, and epically produced track for renforshort which makes her forthcoming EP a must listen once it drops.