SINGLE REVIEW: Joel Corry, RAYE & David Guetta – BED

Joel Corry, David Guetta and RAYE are all hitmakers in their own right, and by coming together they’ve just created a club monster that you’re going to hear on repeat for the next six months. ‘Bed’ is ultimately a song that upon the very first listen will get stuck in your head and won’t leave, and that’s totally okay because once you hear it you will understand. 

“I got a bed, but I rather be in yours” is a hook that you’ll giggle along to when you hear it of the first time, and go “yep, that’s about right”, because we all have that one person that we’d love to climb into bed with instead. The playful track is cheeky, endearing, relatable and super fun, and throughout the duration of the track RAYE plays on that side of her artistry. 

Highlighting the battle we all have with our head and our heart, she explores the boundaries we push to feel that affection we all crave. “My body wants to be in your arms, babe, baby. Something I’ll regret in the morning, but I just can’t resist when you’re calling” she sings. 

The EDM-pop crossover production isn’t anything groundbreaking as it’s a sound that’s been done a lot recently, but this is just a well produced and written song that you can’t help but love it instantly.