SINGLE REVIEW: Doolie – Woke Up Feeling Dramatic

Opening with the title lyric “woke up feeling dramatic”, Doolie immediately brings you into her world and positioning sides with her. It’s something that we can all relate to as at one point or another we’ve woken up ready to pick a fight with our partner as we’re scared of them leaving first. Or maybe that’s just my Pisces brain and my daddy issues speaking on behalf of everyone. 

This track navigates the lust and love that starts to take shape at the beginning of a relationship. It’s new, exciting, overpowering, and gives you a constant high level of serotonin and giddiness. And while this is all happening and you’re trying to live in the moment, there is a part of your brain that steers into the mindset of “what if they leave right now”, which is never a fun time. 

“Just like that, I’m taken back, taken from reality. When you stay and when you leave, I’m for that. Bracing for a heart attack” she sings during the pulsating hook.

Departing the dark and brooding rhythmic world that her last single ‘My Cue To Leave’ lived in, this sonic steps into a lighter and more playful soundscape that compliments the lyrical introspection. With keys, synths, pulsating beats, hand claps and clicks building the production throughout its duration, she gives you a contrasting adaption of a rhythmic sonical world. It immediately captures your attention and has you grooving along with her.