SINGLE REVIEW: Muki – I Make Boys Cry

“I make boys cry, I’m so good at goodbyes” may just be one of the most iconic lyrics of the year because that is a giant ass MOOD I want to embody in every aspect of my live. With her forthcoming EP ‘Car Crash Through Your Heart’ slated for a June 2021 release, Muki is ready to allow listeners into a more emotionally leaning side of her artistry with the self-aware new single ‘I Make Boys Cry’. But in classic Muki fashion she’s done this with a sassy and hyper-pop twist which gives listeners a fresh perspective. 

Transporting us into the Mukiverse, this track is a big return to PC influenced pop for the Sydney based singer-songwriter. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Charli XCX, SOPHIE, and Robyn, it immediately hits you with this glitchy and glittery pop production that is a nod to the ‘Sassaparilla’ and ‘Friends Don’t Make Out’ cheekiness with the mature growth of ‘I Know What I Like’ intertwined. The energy is chaotically charged and will have you ready to dance in a club with tears in your eyes while also simultaneously owning your confidence. It’s a mix of emotions that makes sense once you hear the song and live out your ‘I Make Boys Cry’ fantasy on the dance floor. 

Reflecting on a break-up where she was made to feel really bad for breaking her ex’s heart, she taps into a introspective exploration of being the reason a breakup has occurred. It’s a perspective that we rarely hear, as most people focus on their internal struggle and push the blame onto the other person. But for this song she takes the blame, and explores what doing that actually means to her. She obviously also puts a sassy and confident spin on it where she hone’s that behaviour and gives you some great lyrical moments. 

From the “I don’t care” energy of “Left them all on read and their mothers want me dead, yeah” to the visual and reflective capturing of “His tears, they’ll shatter like glass on the pavement. Don’t know why it was me he put his faith in”, she layers a different acknowledgment of emotions and understanding into the song.

Produced by Sam Sakr, they’ve really created a song that pulsates through you with its beat driven sonic which is hypnotic, heavy and ultimately playful. It’s a song you’ll want to have on repeat from the moment you hear it, and to be honest, it may just be Muki’s strongest release yet.