SINGLE REVIEW: Polish Club – Stop For A Minute

I’m a sucker for a big pop-rock moment that is all about contrast and layering. The ultimate power of music is having you dance and sweat it out to an infectious and groove inhibited beat that lyrically layers a bigger punch. And that is exactly what Polish Club have done with this 80’s inspired monster of a song, ‘Stop For A Minute’. 

The 16 second instrumental opening immediately paints a sonical backdrop from a Simple Minds era of giant pop-rock songs. And from there it only gets bigger with a pulsating guitar riff, a ridiculously catchy hook, and a naturally freeing production. It’s intended to become an anthem in their live set, and it will. It’s just this big feel-good track that builds upon the energy of ‘Clarity’ and ‘Just Talking’. 

But behind all of this production is a serious exploration into the cavalcade of horrible things done by countless artists in a position of power, and our inconsistent acknowledgement of it. It’s something that has always been there, and for some reason we still allow it to be. So this song hears them taking a stand and sharing a spotlight on the fact that we need to do better and stop being complicit. 

“Yеah, I know that the baseline hits hard. But he’s singing bout women as pawns” lead signer David Novak sings in reflection of us just allowing people to get away with this behaviour. 

The punchy almost 4 minute track is Polish Club’s catchiest track to date, and gives ‘Clarity’ a big run for its money. So expect to be singing this one in your head over and over again. 

Polish Club – LIVE FOR A MINUTE Tour

Saturday 17 April – Corner Hotel, Melbourne 

Friday 30 April – The Triffid, Brisbane